plastic injection molding

San Jose, California
June 12, 2014 1:03am CST
With the improvement of our living standards, our aesthetic and product value requirements are also increasing and thus all kinds of plastic products whether in the inherent quality or in the aesthetic appearance and plastic mould requirements are increasing, which also mean that people have higher requirements in all aspects of the plastic mould from China. The technology ofplastic mold in China and its related products continues to improved, mold manufacturing time continues to be shorten, plastic mould manufacturing develop towards information technology, high precision, automation direction. And the China Mold Manufacturersdevelop with integration technology, sophisticated equipment, and product branding strategy, informatization management, and international management. SINO MOULD CO LTD is amould company in China since 1992, and that time we are just injection mold maker.With thedevelopment of the company's needs,in 2008, SINO MOULD company'sleadersalso made some development plansfor future.In order to meet the market and customerneeds,we have independent professional technology, and established some branch company, which set uptofocus on the different types of plastic mould and equipment researchand production, so we have the followingseveral branches,
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