three cocktails

By Abby
Beijing, China
June 16, 2014 10:28am CST
Maggie is my love , she is also not the perfect one . she is nervous when her baby born .but the fact is that she recoveried soon from the abnormal station and being the office lady again. I love her no matter she is the baby's mother or the competence office lady . Candice is the one who can believe the others easily just because of her father's fault to Heather's family , at last , she found that she was betrayed by Heather , the one she believed in. Meanwhile ,Candice is lucky that she met her Mr.Right . at that very time ,he accompanied with her ,the sorrow is not that much . Ronnaxe , she had an affair with her boss , after the boss died ,there's no doubt that she was very sad for this , the truth is that he left a big apartment to her . They are friends , the real friends . they learned each other very much , but at some special time , they may just set a limitation for themselves and lost the trust to each other , even true friends need their own space as they are the independent one at the same time . certainly ,they trust each other at most extent .
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