The Internet and bearing

Nanjing, China
June 16, 2014 8:31pm CST
Bearing is the strategic basis for the development of key industries in our country, after more than 60 years of development, China bearing industry has the strong technical strength and large production capacity. The Internet and bearing During the period of "11th five-year plan", China's bearing industry to maintain the steady and rapid development, advocate business wu income 18.20% average annual increment, bearing products 20.11% average annual increment, bearing industry has been a rapid development, has laid a solid foundation built for bearing power. In the good national policy, the market demand under the situation of expanding, improve economic size of the SKF 61904 Deep Groove Ball Bearings industry at the same time, the bearing industry and new forms of economic integration also further strengthened. In the bearing industry after entering the Internet e-commerce market, the rise of new mobile Internet as a new reclamation area bearing industry. "China bearing information network" observers Ding Wenyuan thinks: the mobile Internet will further expand the scale of the bearing industry. From the perspective of the development trend of bearing industry, the traditional PC under the situation of Internet electronic commerce pattern is set, a lot of bearing production enterprises have been interested in this product sales reach to new the rise of the mobile Internet market, such as "China bearing information platform", is a bearing manufacturing enterprise important bridge will product sells to the mobile Internet market. The Internet and bearing The trend that in offline market, and the Internet e-commerce market has become increasingly saturated today, bearing industry to gradually to the direction of the mobile Internet information. Sales market changes brought by the transformation to the industry scale is huge, especially in the 3 g mobile Internet users rising today, bearing production enterprises can use "China bearing information" professional platform to fully tap potential customers in the field of mobile Internet, greatly improve the product sales increase enterprise economic income. The Internet and bearing Under the background of the integration of the world economy, this kind of development model will also be able to improve the overall competitiveness of China's bearing industry, conquers the highest position in the future market. Ding Wenyuan pointed out that the mobile Internet sales model broke the disadvantages of bearing industry subject to regional restriction, develop the enterprise product sales channels, to expand the enterprise's rules, especially for those competitive strength is not strong, sales channel is narrow small and medium-sized enterprise, this model can greatly enhance corporate image and brand strength and soft strength such as customer satisfaction. With the coming of information age, information technology for the development of the growing role of various industries, the rise of the mobile Internet has opened up a new market space for the bearing industry, will further expand the rules of the bearing industry industry promote the competitiveness of the industry as a whole, and promote the vigorous development of the bearing industry. The Internet and bearing
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