Blood pressure during obesity - Yuri Elkaim

Salt Lake City, Utah
June 17, 2014 2:21am CST
What is blood pressure? Blood pressure is measured at two levels: namely systolic pressure (higher value) and diastolic pressure (lower level). For the more severe is considered an increase in diastolic blood pressure. Normal diastolic blood pressure less than 85 mm Hg; for mild hypertension then consider the diastolic blood pressure greater than 90-104 mm Hg, secondary hypertension 105-114 mm Hg, and severe hypertension over 115 mm Hg. Yuri Elkaim says thatGenerally, high blood pressure determined by the values 160/95 mm Hg, and higher (i.e., systolic blood pressure 160 mm Hg diastolic tlak95 mm Hg). Prevention and Treatment For treatment or prevention of hypertension is recommended to maintain a good lifestyle reasonable body weight. If lifestyle changes are not enough, you may be advised to treatment suitable anti-obesity agent. The important thing is eating right to limit saturated fat and lots of fiber, limited salting and moderate consumption of alcohol. An important factor is enough physical activity. If these methods are not enough, your doctor will prescribe antihypertensive drugs to the patient, i.e. medicines to lower blood pressure. For More Click the official website (
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