MY Best friend's words for me

June 17, 2014 10:31am CST
Manoj Sharma- a friend who's worth keeping. He's from India (i don't know which part of India, i still need to check it on google map. ) I met him somewhere in one of my social networking site accounts. I don't remember but he told me that it was on I like talking to random people on the Internet, i admit.But i hate talking in person . Because sometimes people who is miles away from you, makes you feel better than those people who is just around you. He's the one who introduced me to I am very much thankful for his help, because without him i won't be here making money. Well anyway, he likes the Philippines very much, or should i say the Filipina. I don't know why but he just keep on talking about Filipino people. Even me, a citizen of the Philippines cannot fully understand he's reasons on liking Pinay's (Filipina Women) He told me that someday he'll come to the Philippines and marry his long time Filipina girlfriend. Aside from that he's into mechanical engineering thing and he loves computer (quote with "ha-ha" he said) He also likes to make new friends, and since he's into engineering he reads a lot about machines and how they work. And one thing i really like about this guy is that he wants to change the world, I just don't know what the hell he wants to change but i support him with that (I like that too, making a difference). He wants to do things differently, he also added that he doesn't want to work for anyone but likes to make other people work for him (a true blooded business minded guy) He said he likes all fruits (Really? Even the Dragon fruit? :D) And one thing that amazed me that he said is that he's vegetarian. (Well, I'm not a vegetarian but i really love vegetable so much) He loves his family very much. Someday, i hope we'll meet in person and talk about the things that needs to be done for us to become wealthy and affluent.
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• Hangzhou, China
20 Jun 14
sometimes friend on net is closer than friend around.
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• India
21 Jun 14
Yeah.. .its true true friends also on online