Supporters of Japan's Net-Net Game Opponent After Ivory Coast

Yogyakarta, Indonesia
June 17, 2014 10:36am CST
Ivory Coast managed to turn things around and win 2-1 over Japan in their first match in the 2014 World Cup, Sunday (15/6). Despite losing, the fans who watch the Japanese team directly at Arena Pernambuco, Recife, still took time to clean up their seats after the final whistle sounded the game. After other supporters left the stadium, some supporters of the Blue Samurai up and down the aisle seat the audience to pick up trash. The practice is usually done in a number of sports tournaments in Japan. Been applied in the previous World Cup, but still, most of the supporters of the other parts of the world. Respect not only owned the Japanese national team supporters. They also deserve the same treatment. And that is what the Japanese players. Before the clean-up action began, the Japanese players lined up and bowed to their loyal supporters. It is far from custom teams of other countries. Usually they applaud the fans after the match. The world would be more beautiful if people moved to clean up litter and occasionally bent together.
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