China valve supplier also has the homogenization phenomenon

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
June 18, 2014 1:58am CST
China's sustained and rapid economic growth boosted demand for energy,.Because China petroleum and natural gas consumption growth significantly more than the increase in production, so China valve supplier is optimistic.On supply and demand gap widening, mining, oil and gas transportation are further brought huge demand related valves. Valve industry through the rapid development in previous years, the excessive expansion of industrial capacity, the deteriorating market environment, although the total demand has increased year by year, but far behind the supply capacity growth, such as ball valve, gate valve, globe valve this product of valve and fitting supplier homogeneity increasingly fierce competition. The long-term restricting the development of the industry product quality is not high, the key technology of heteronomy, industrial management level lags behind, the lack of well-known brands, the extensive mode of development of contradiction, has made the industry transformation and upgrading brook no delay. There is a valve parts calledstainless steel flange. Many manufacturers are in the habit of production of such accessories. Because of its own advantages, other incomparable.With the continuous development of valve technology, valve applications continue to expand, and the corresponding valve standard more and more indispensable.
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