Individual Remix Series Sunglasses | According Elle Fashion Website Reported

, New York
June 18, 2014 2:37am CST
2014 sunglasses are a lot of street shooting star to play it cool, leaving the country to escape reporters makeup essential tool, generally hundreds of stars who have sunglasses. Wear sunglasses out and let the stars have a fearless spirit, even if there is no confidence as supermodel dared to face the general from the south towards the north. Angelina - Jolie appeared in the streets of the United States when she was wearing a white three-quarter sleeve jacket, down with pantyhose, Saint Laurent shoulder chain bag, foot pointed shoes. Julie is part of a line of tough, clear-cut face, wearing large sunglasses lenses is the most uncertain backdrop facial contour lines, gas field immediately enhanced. Today, we mainly introduce personality Ray-Ban sunglasses, tailored specifically for the individual remix series sunglasses. According elle fashion website reported on April 29, the Ray-Ban sunglasses for the first time launched a series of specialized private Ray-Ban glasses personalized custom series - Rayban remix, specifically for the needs of the guests to create unique sunglasses. Whether it is even from the eyes of the material, size, style and color of the lens to be, are based on customer needs and preferences to tailor long as five days, when you can have the Ray-Ban sunglasses personalized to your hands, price as long as 130 pounds. The remix incorporates a variety of elements to create a series of glasses, Ray-Ban sunglasses style is not the same with the joint cooperation of artists, including specialized comedian Nicholas Megalis, Harley Viera-Newton as well as director and photographer Tasya Van Ree. A common design under these stars, so many unique style of fashion sunglasses, there is always a right for you. In April 30, the official website of Ray-Ban sunglasses have already published a list of social media channels by designers, we are interested can go to the site to see, maybe there is a surprise, oh. Nothing conveys your level of fandom better than owning a good sunglasses. Shop now! I love the way designed. Product was easy to find on their website. Love the look and feel. Being sold at a good price. I was pleased with the selection. The shipping cost is cheap. Got a detailed tracking number or shipment confirmation. It arrived quickly and was in great condition. Extremely satisfied with rb4105 availability."></a>
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