Business Lawyer: Handles Legal Aspects in Owning a Business

Westminster, Maryland
June 18, 2014 8:50am CST
An important step in owning a business is hiring a Westminster business lawyer to handle all the legal aspects of the company. An attorney can add his expertise in the area of business planning as well as any legal matters concerning the company. Business Planning with a Lawyer Lawyers can give their advice on which type of business entity a company should choose. Corporations are more complicated and will definitely need to have at least one lawyer if not more. All legal matters concerning shareholders and boards will need to be handled appropriately. An attorney can also be a big help regarding taxes and insurance. Filing a patent can cost a business owner a lot of time as well as money. Lawyers with patent experience can handle this area with knowledge of the product or service. They can handle all the necessary paperwork and explain all the rights that the business owner will obtain. When Legal Matters Happen Having an attorney on staff to handle litigation is just as important as the process of planning a business. An attorney can advise and handle legal matters such as discrimination or harassment complaints. There are five main types of discrimination complaints a consumer or employee can file against a company. These five include: • Ageism - Discrimination is based on age. Generally involves the elderly. • Sexism - Discrimination against a person's gender. • Mental or Physical Disability - When a person is discriminated against because of a mental or physical impairment. • National Origin - A person is discriminated against based upon their nationality. • Religious - When a person is discriminated against based on beliefs. The laws and legal terms can be hard to understand. Businesses can get into serious trouble if they do not fully understand and try to handle this area on their own. A lawyer will be able to set up contracts and procedures to guard against these types of legal matters. These are a few of the basic areas when a lawyer is needed. However, an attorney can help in several areas and should definitely be on staff for consultation.
Westminster business law lawyers represent clients with business formation, incorporation, LLC, and S Corp formation cases in Maryland
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