Cell Phone: A Device to Keep Up with Customer Needs and Demands

June 18, 2014 10:26pm CST
In the days of instant gratification and constant connection to technology, certain personnel requirements may need to be changed in order to keep up with customer needs. While previous requirements insisted workers keep their personal cell phones in lockers or tucked away to avoid usage during their shift to keep the focus on customer service, times are changing. It’s becoming more efficient to have cell phones on hand in order to conduct business and keep up with the pace of customer demands. Size and capabilities are big factors in the added convenience of using a cell phone on a regular basis. Most cell phones now fit well in pockets or aprons. Most are capable of Internet with speeds that rival computers, making it easy to check for answers to customers questions if a computer is not accessible at the time. While some businesses have equipment to handle inventory checks in their particular location, a cell phone can check over the Internet, not stuck to the limit of a single location. Plus, most employees have their own cell phones. Aside from quick responses to customer questions, the ability to send and receive quick messages is an added convenience. One doesn’t have to wait till the person in question is in the same location in order to ask, nor do they have to call and hope it’s a convenient time for the other person to answer. Schedule changes and other factors can be communicated as well, using personal cell phones on the job too. Constant access to technology and methods of communication is important for most businesses due to customer expectations. While many have access to search engines themselves, having the ability to ask someone for products or answers is still a desired ability. There are also some who do not have the access to technology in the same way, and those customers appreciate someone who can find what they need. We are in a time of instant gratification and technology is striving to keep up with both personal and business needs. In this day and age, in order to keep up, businesses will find that personal cell phone usage will become a necessity in order for the company and workers to remain efficient. And to remain efficient and effective, businesses need to manage their phone accounts properly and with precision. Linq Services helps businesses save rather than waste money on cell phone plans -
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