Bearing industrial transformation

Nanjing, China
June 19, 2014 8:31pm CST
Industry is an important part of national economy, is the main power to promote the growth of economy, the industrialization level of development is to measure a country modernization degree and comprehensive national strength important symbol. Bearing industrial transformation "Twelfth five-year" period, the ministry of industry and information ministry will seriously implement the party central committee and the state council decision deployment, grasp the law of industrial development and trends, improve policies and measures to accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading of the bearing. Industrial transformation and upgrading of the overall idea is to adhere to the new path of industrialization with Chinese characteristics, with scientific development as the theme, to speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development as the main line, driven by the reform and opening up, improve its capacity for independent innovation, promote the informatization and industrialization depth fusion, cultivate strategic emerging industries, transform and upgrade traditional industries, accelerate the development of producer services, a comprehensive optimization technology structure, organization structure, layout structure and industry structure, the industrial development is based on innovation drive, intensive and efficient, environment friendly, benefiting people's livelihood, on the basis of endogenous growth, growing industry core competitiveness and sustainable development ability, for the construction of industrial power and build a well-off society in an all-round way to lay a more solid foundation. Bearing industrial transformation Around the industrial transformation and upgrading of the target and requirements, in the next five years industrial transformation and upgrading of key tasks include six aspects: first, focus on enhancing the independent innovation ability; The second is to strengthen enterprise technical innovation; Three is to promote informatization and industrialization depth fusion; Four is to promote green low carbon development; Five is to promote large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprise coordinated development; Six is to promote coordinated development of regional industry. Bearing industrial transformation High-end bearing equipment manufacturing industry in the value chain and the core industrial chain link, decides the comprehensive competitiveness of the whole industry chain, is promoting industrial transformation and upgrading of the engine. To foster and develop high-end bearing equipment manufacturing industry, enhance the core competitiveness of China's industry, positive preempted future economic and development the commanding heights of science and technology, efforts to achieve from a manufacturing power to power to change. "Twelfth five-year" period, the key to choose aviation equipment, satellite and application, rail transportation equipment, Marine engineering equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment as a breakthrough point and the breakthrough point, focus on, speed up the development of high-end bearing equipment manufacturing industry. Bearing industrial transformation
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