be thirsty of change

June 20, 2014 2:18am CST
when I was young,I don't care any more for fortune.But with the passage of time,i found that i'm thirsty of money instead of healthy and emotion,especialy after marriaged. maybe it's also a truth for others because money is everything to everyone's life.Actually,I have a warm family in that a smart son who is 2years old and a lovely husband,although there are no much more money in our family but enough for us to have a happy others,we also have a car and own a house with loan.what a pity to me that there has no more remaining money after all,I'm afraid that,because baby will be into a kindergarten,we also need to exchange a larger house for us as space is so small,so we must earn more money.Husband and me are common person in this society,we only to find that if we want to change our life the only way is we need to change our job to get a high salary.So far,I have got many interview notices from different kinds of company,but haven't got any offer.In a conclusion,i find many problems with myself,i need to reset my mindset to face furture life. maybe others looks me happy everyday but actually i'm so sad and dispointed with life and work. my current job has no challenge and full of boring.I'm so anxious to find a new place to have a new mood,but god is not hear my heart voice. only way to change my life is that we need to go on hard working and day day up,I believe i will encounter a excited chance some day,there will full of sunshine in my life. Where there is a will there is a way ~
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