Coping with Grief When Someone Dies

June 20, 2014 3:03am CST
It’s always difficult losing someone we love. Grief knows no bounds. Its edges feather out into the gray, and often maintain the illusion that there is no light anywhere. The good news is that grief is a process and though the heartache of losing a loved one will always be a part of our lives, the daily impact it has on us lessens as we move along. Grief takes many forms. Healthy grief includes talking about our loved one, sharing stories and memories, especially in the beginning when the emotions run high and the loss is still raw. Often, families will choose a special date such as the birthday of the diseased or a holiday, taking time to celebrate the loved one each year. This helps the family to not only remember the life, which they shared, but also, helps to bring closure to their loss. Other ways families or individuals can grieve is by focusing on allowing the natural process of grief to flow, not trying to hinder or deny it. Journaling is often very helpful in that one can express their feelings in a safe manner, and share them with others if and when they feel comfortable doing so. Keeping active and getting exercise is also vital, as it keeps the mind occupied and focused away from the loss. Grief counseling can be of great importance in this time. A family can sort through so many thoughts and feelings through a counselor at Moore Funeral Home. Sometimes, grief takes the form of anger and having a professional as a guide will aide in the smooth transition away from that anger. Depression can also be a part of the grief process. Bereavement groups and other means of support offer invaluable information and guidance to a grieving individual or family. Sometimes just spending time with others who have experienced what you have is enough. The most important thing about the grief process is that it has stages. It’s best to recognize the worth of each stage so as to transition along in a healthy manner. Though we all will undoubtedly experience grief in our lifetime, if we take time to nurture our thoughts and feelings, we will make be able heal and maintain a fulfilling life.
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