Whether the good quality LED tube light is suitable for office?

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
June 25, 2014 12:52am CST
In the LED lighting market, lighting and outdoor public lighting has become using LED lights more widely..Home lighting and commercial lighting is also slowly permeable, and office lighting is a bit late. Office lighting field is very diversified,a big open office, what kind of led light shoult choose, good quality LED tube lights or other?This is a question. For more general in the office is the conversation class tasks, as well as for the development of the company various decisions. In the lighting requirements, desk should meet the minimum 300LX illumination, receive visitors area lighting should be soft point, illumination on 200LX is better, but also can use 3W or 5W best LED spotlight. LED lamp ceiling can be installed on the large power belt. The lounge and reception room is equivalent to the company's "business card", the first impression is very important, the office lighting can help to achieve the desired effect, light atmosphere to relax, you can use LED lamp or LED ceiling lamp. At present, due to the high cost, the overall office replacement for LED lamps may still have some difficulties, but LED lights supplier china think, can from the place to start, such as office signs, reception room, indoor lighting lights to replace, as long as with a good, high efficiency, this time still can be shorten.
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