PCB assembly and the popular assembling techniques!

Morganton, North Carolina
June 26, 2014 12:50am CST
The term PCB assembly implies the procedure in which different types of electronic parts and components are attached on a printed circuit board to create a functional product. The most popular methods used in this context are through-hole and surface mounting construction. When brought to usage, both of these individual processes turn out to be benefitting in their own ways. While through hole is a more conventional means of embedding parts on the board, surface mounting is a rather newer procedure and an advanced technology that simplified the process of assembling to several notches. The newer technology or SMT provides advantage in terms of the fact that it consumes less space. On the other hand, if we were to discuss the benefit of through hole assembly technique, it offers a more durable and stronger product, capable of withstanding and enduring harsh conditions and stress. Nonetheless, each of the methods carries its own set of pros and cons, in assembling the parts on the board. Now let us take a look at the process of assembly. PCBs are boards which are used for the purpose of connecting and supporting different electronic parts mechanically with one other with the help of various tracks, traces, pathways and methods. The components are etched from laminated copper sheets on a substrate non-conductive in nature. Once the process of building a PCB is complete, parts are attached to its surface. This is when assembling techniques come into usage. In through-hole technique, the leads of the components are inserted carefully through the holes carved on the PCBs. In surface mounting construction, all the electronic parts are attached on the external pads of PCBs. In both the techniques, component leads are fixed mechanically to the board, by using a solder paste, which is a metal in molten form. Several technologies are used for assembling process to attach the parts. If the volume of production is high, bulk wave soldering or reflow oven is likely to be used. In present day electronic industry, PCB assembly has gained a lot of importance. PCBs are electronic units, which are used for connecting various elements used in day-to-day appliances, gadgets, and machinery like computers, televisions, gaming consoles, etc. Therefore, the quality of assembling will have a direct impact on the final product, which is why it has been termed so important.
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