How to deal with good quality LED tube lights glare and spot problems

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
June 27, 2014 12:56am CST
In recent years, the mature and application of everyone on the energy-saving awareness and LED lighting technology, coupled with the government's strong support, which result with a certain extent promoted the initial formation of LED lights supplier china.And there is a growing tendency. However, LED lamp market has exposed a thorny problem, namely LED glare and light spot and strong directional problem. For the LED problem of the dazzling, various manufacturers have their own solution, using PC drawing mask, a frosted mask, using a special fluorescent powder material and so on, but these methods are only stopgap measures, drawing mask can eliminate the bright spot, but more serious phenomenon, one time in this light slightly longer eye fatigue, if long time with the eye in this good quality LED tube Lights can also cause eye astigmatism; and the grinding sand and white mask is too large for the optical loss, the effect is poor. There are some clever manufacturers, such as good, they used the science wrong technology, using the optical film, not only can eliminate the LED specific spot, also can broaden the irradiation angle. Because the best LED spotlight is with two or three rows of regularly arranged, so each point light source will be void of light, so that within a certain distance produces spot; the optical film, optical film of the incident point source light uniform diffusion, emanative light source, so optical line is very uniform, completely solve the spot the problem.
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