Heal with Our Words and Not Hurting Someone

Bangkok, Thailand
June 27, 2014 1:57am CST
We are not often think about it, but if we really store a good thought, we should know that a wrong word will cause much psychological damage to others. Be very careful with what we are saying and try to keep our emotions under control, because when we are being emotional, we can speak with a bad tongue. In this way, we are also keep the powers in order and start thinking positively about many things, so we can exchange ideas with others by using our words. Words can make or break for a person, so it is best to find the balance within our mind before we speak something out from our mouth. We should not allow our friendship being effected by using rough words against each others, because no one will like that and it also makes no sense. We like to be friendly and have addressed ourselves as the one who can give good feeling for anyone around us. Words can be very powerful as they are spoken or written in a proper maxim. It can improve our mood or totally worsen our feeling, a right relationships is an important thing in life which we can share everything with an understandable way. Be kind to others and decent in our mood, it’s better not to wait until the moment bursts, because by then we cannot keep our emotions under control and reflect with gibberish. Try to avoid that, because at that moment it only worsens the situation and every spoken words are very hard to swallow for others. Just move on and let everything settle well first, but do not speak with a bad emotional feeling and angry tone, because that wil adding more frustration to everyone When our words hurt ourselves and someone in a tense condition, it will be difficult to pulls back and cure them. Always think first before we speak with others, so we will not easily hurting anybody. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen http://poems.easybranches.com/heal-with-our-words-and-not-hurting-someone.html
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27 Jun 14
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