The Working Of A Remote Entry

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
June 28, 2014 12:36am CST
There are endless questions that come into your mind when you are using keyless entry remotes. You must have wondered how this small Keychain helps in locking and unlocking your car by simply pushing a button from 20 feet away.Is it secure? Can someone else open your car with their keys? Well to help you clear your doubts, let us first understand the basics of keyless remotes. Unlike a television, which usesan infrared beam at a lower frequency, remote controls for cars require a higher range. This is the reason remote controls for car use radio frequency controllers of a higher range. Due to the risks of theft, a car and its remote control keys need more security as compared to TV set remote controllers. Therefore keyless remotes have relied on codes to eliminate the occurrence of theft. The remote entry system sends an identification code to the car’s receiver. The code is different for each car and therefore won’t work on any other car. But again, there is a problem here;the single code system on the keyless remote can be copied without the knowledge of the owner. This is the reason why in the mid 90s the unique identification code system was replaced with rolling codes. In this system the codes keep changing on every press of the button. The codes are already stored in the car’s receiver and none of these codes match with any other car. There is no question of theft since these codes keep changing every time. So no matter whether you have Nissan keyless remotes or Chrysler keyless remotes none of their rolling codes will match. Not even two identical cars. As compared to the traditional car locking systems the keyless remotes are the safest of all. This is the reason, since their inception in the early 90s, this system was used by major car manufacturers. Al though it is only recently that the keyless car remotes are being used on a wide range. Keyless remotes also help in starting your car and switching it off. So no more, you have to twist the car keys to start it since you can simply push the button. This system keeps your car safe, especially in crowded parking lots like malls or grocery stores. There are also times when you have to leave your car behind for work and you might be worried about your car. But if that’s the case, then no more will you have to worry because your car is secure and no one can open it. Wondering what to do if you lose your Keyless remote?Well, all you need to do is replace it. There are many car dealers that help customers with keyless remote replacement. They have a range of keyless remotes right from Hyundai Keyless remotes to that of Harley Davidson. The replaced keyless remote will match with the car’s receiver code. Ensure that you get the replaced remote from a genuine dealer.
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