Be Honest to Ourselves will Open our Heart to Others.

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Be Honest to Ourselves will Open our Heart to Others
Bangkok, Thailand
June 28, 2014 1:41am CST
Fear is a great danger in our life and can move us to nasty deeds because we no want to hurt anyone, and also want to keep things secret on this manner. But when we do something without open our mind, this will grow frustrations for ourselves, so we will never find peace in our inner feelings. We do things that we can not be openly, so therefore hamper our freedom and that creates tension. That incredible and unbelievable feeling can give to us may generate an even greater disadvantage for us, because that will affect on our credibility. Be honest with ourselves, so others will always respect us in the long run. Others may not always agree with what we are doing or our words, but the truth will always get some respect. And so we can build a bond of trust among each other with mutual respect, which we can look straight into the eyes of each other without feeling embarrassed. A pure spirit towards everyone give us the freedom, at the same time we can also let others know what is in our hearts, and there is nothing to hide between us. Everyone know that when it is related to self-interest, most of them will try to cover the trust, sometimes the truth is difficult to accept but all this must be respected. If we want to open up our hearts to others so they can understand us better, we will first need to be honest with ourselves I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen
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