There are still some areas to improvement for China LED lights supplier

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
July 1, 2014 1:37am CST
Now, the development is China LED lights supplier is vigorous, as you can see, the LED lamp is very obvious advantages, then, LED lamp is really perfect, I think things, sometimes her advantage do not good but will become her flaws, today I come to tell you about the disadvantages of LED lamp I hope you have a heart, a bottom. First of all, for her life, there existed a and driving circuit is match problem LED energy-saving lamp power supply, the main reason for existence is not a unified standard at present domestic LED lamps, and LED lamps manufacturer has a lot of, the production quality is uneven, if the production of cheap LED tube Lights do not give force, not long to live, there is likely to be LED lamp publicity for 10 years 1 years of bad, but six months ago the LED lighting company has put up the shutters of the embarrassing situation, so we need to polish eyes, treat LED lamps you buy carefully. Cooling is, this is perhaps the biggest problem currently facing LED lamps. Now LED lamp radiating very passive, mainly using the LED lamp LED chip composite heat generated by the heat, and then out through the radiating device, the main use of air-cooled heat passively, so the thermal design of best LED spotlight is very important, and this is also a LED lighting company invested in scientific research key, while the current LED copycat lamp, often is hollow, but not the actual effect. So the heat dissipation has become an important factor to judge the quality of the lamp.
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