To the past half of the year

By Abby
Beijing, China
July 1, 2014 8:37am CST
time flies so fast that I just can't catch up with all the things past before my eyes ,even though my heart is longing for so many things . that's just the reality , maybe not to myself ,there are companions I want to be an English teacher in a high standard training company or a international school as I love children ,to grow up with them,to study with them ,and laugh with them will just make me feel like that I am growing all the time to be the best myself . to be a teacher is my dream , just think about it can make me feel that my heart is filled with fulfillment. the truth is that I am not full prepared I have got a teacher's certification there are two things I need to do firstly , the teaching skills need to be trained secondly , my English level need to be improved there are so many things that can do nothing to me but they are just staying there quietly, without saying anything , smiling ,such as the suggestions from my relatives , the trend of the common society , the choices of my dear friends and forth on . they told me that I need to earn money as much as I can and I need to find someone who are rich enough or who just have a competence to earn much money and they think that a clever girl should marry with a man like that . meanwhile,another voice rang from my heart ,to get my freedom , to be independent , those are the foundation to realize my dream and to get a brilliant future . Since I have known it clearly then , take out your steps , my darling believe in yourself may the sunshine go with you all the time just let me to be stubborn
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