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Los Angeles, California
July 2, 2014 10:46pm CST
About the future development of the wig, we think it will develop towards three characteristics: Functionality, environmental protection and luxury properties. We will be resolved by one of these three characteristics of these trends wigs packaging. 1 wig functionality, such as vacuum bottle antioxidant functions, through the wig better able to improve the quality of wigs, wigs ensure the stability of quality. Such wigs packaging naturally sought after by manufacturers and welcome. 2 wigs luxury properties, in fact the whole society requires wig wig now go deluxe packaging requirements frugal. But women wig packaging for the consumer market determines the appearance of luxury high-end image of the other pursuit. So, how do the wig on the packaging material thrift looks upscale luxury manufacturers is a problem to be solved. 3 wigs environmental protection, and now both the government and consumers for environmentally friendly packaging requirements are high, this is a big problem for all enterprises in the future must face wig. The rapid development of the wig market is bustling with packaging market closely, but the focus is already deviated too concerned about whether the packaging, but abandoned the quality problems. Home page: Contact:
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• Vienna, Austria
16 Nov 15
Should you trust No, not at all. It is a chinese fake site and simply fraud. seems to offers a lot of high quality wigs from major brands, but actually it sells cheap chinese wigs. They have NOTHING to do with the wig shown on the website and you will get a 10 $ wig. The site implies that the company is located in Australia, but you will not find an address or a phone number, because it is a chinese company.