How to choose the best LED spotlight?

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
July 3, 2014 3:14am CST
The review of the first half year of the China LED lights supplier can be raging like a storm, and "fearless, light tube, LED bulb light source of products flagship will become a barometer replacement period market conditions. LED bulb, lamp as mainstream products, has been widely used in Home Furnishing hotel lighting, lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, public places lighting. To buy high quality LED lamp does have certain skills. Whether the company or individual, if you want to buy best LED spotlight. The following are some suggestions, we need to understand. First of all, pay attention to product chip, there are domestic and imported Taiwan chip, chip. The chip is different, the price difference is very great. Imported chips are expensive, in the domestic market, few people use, that is mainly for high-end customers. In the end customers currently are generally chosen Taiwan chip, the price is the best.Secondly, is the lamp package: resin and silica gel encapsulated package. Resin package price is cheaper, because the cooling performance is poor, the other is the same. Radiating properties of silica encapsulation is good, so the price should be a little expensive than resin package. In the choice on buying cheap LED tube Lights , it is also need pay attention to the module. The main factors determining the LED lamp life is cooling, any LED tube as long as to be able to deal effectively with the heat dissipation, high quality driven using a coupled, so can do good quality, long service life. The LED lamp as an example, the main components are: LED light source, aluminum plate, driving power, aluminum, lampshade, plug.
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