Guangzhou Book-keeping

Guangzhou, China
July 7, 2014 1:35am CST
1.Advantages of Guangzhou book-keeping At the very beginning of the establishment of a small and medium size company, it will add to the investment risk to spend huge expenditure hiring a professional finanical manager or officer, especially when its business is not stable and large. What's more, it is also hard for an entrepreneur to distinguish wether one is a qualified manager or officer or not. With Guangzhou bookkeeping agency, what's saved is not only time and efforts, but also costs. 2.Guangzhou bookkeeping Guangzhou and foreign companies make a great difference between tax accounts?Foreign company is only after the end of the annual tax declarations, while Guangzhou company is registered within 30 days after the competent tax authorities are required to apply for tax registration and tax returns.Specific matters are as follows: 1. Guangzhou Local Taxation Bureau are required to carry out the Internal Revenue Service and local tax returns, sub-monthly, quarterly, annual reports, foreign companies are subject to annual audit in order to return; 2. Guangzhou required to declare the Internal Revenue Service: value-added tax, corporate income tax, import and export operation rights, also need to declare, "Exemption, Credit and back" tax, to declare the nature of the period vary with the company's different; 3. Guangzhou Local Taxation Bureau are required to declare: personal income tax, a comprehensive tax (ie sales tax and urban construction tax, surcharge for education and embankment If you have any question,please do not hesitate to contact us HK TEL: 13711372905 Email Address:
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