How to choose the rolling bearing

Nanjing, China
July 7, 2014 8:50pm CST
1. Possible solutions and measures Constant speed was elected good indicator; Extended life expectancy host service enterprise can reduce maintenance costs, reduce automobile YunZhuanLv important role. Therefore, whether it's manufacture, repair, or use the selection of rolling bearing generally should pay attention to the bearing can be summarized as follows: In the ideal working conditions (including the 1 type, sexual orientation, and raising the burden, positioning, smoothness or coaxial cable wiring and maintenance, environmental protection, environmental temperature, etc.), choose the core rotation, tolerance and clearance; Section 2: working conditions and ShouLi and higher requirements, through the selection of type or types defined bearing wheel, life expectancy, safeguard; 3. Choose the rated speed to ensure burdens and restrictions. Respectively is limited, main consideration DeQueLiang, life expectancy and other factors, to be able to help identify type, size and structure of the bearing, and tolerance and fragile, in the end. 1. Has the function of different roller is suitable for all cars. Reduction of selection should consider the following factors. Payload: usually, high speed application when thrust level selection, and the specific contact many times, often use the balloon to cable copy, choice of bearing rotation. In any case, producers choose information center to choose appropriate product regionalization large categories. XuanXing several factors: (1) gradually reduce and space vehicle First of all, in determining the machine size, shaft through the selection of the bearing. Ball bearings, shaft, rolling bearing cable is usually the central. However, if the bearing diameter direction restriction, dose, choose a number of the gear bearing fell slightly; In this respect, can choose to restrict the use of the machine level build up a close or series of bearings. (2), sexual orientation, and a bag of load Choose the main factors of burden. Turn to solve more burden on bearing vibration speed or less or intermediate container manufacturing this promote external shocks and payload. Leadership in clean, deep groove ball spear or needle bearing column packing level. Carry axial load, and the ball completely voluntary less thrust bearing shaft under pressure; Ultimate tension bearing roller, completely voluntary. General bearing burden, generally choose contact ball bearing vibration speed or cone. Oh, reporting structure to determine the contact or pulley, taper balloons and progressive condition.
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