As we know a harmonious couple?

Bratislava, Slovak Republic
July 9, 2014 8:43am CST
They want to spend a lot of free time together, they realize what a relationship means to them, between them a lot of intimacy, eroticism. First of all, communication is important, without which it will not do in relation. And when the partners still have something to say, it's on track. To be harmonious partnership is important, respect for the other and respect. It also may be missing a bit of sadness when disassociated partners. Partnership is very difficult. Firstly, the person must be reasonable in relation to compromise and steadily. And what I found under my partner relationship? It is very good if you are with a partner a little disassociated from each other. My parents live 400 km away, so I go to one month to them. And when we meet again with her husband, the relationship is better and more beautiful. :-)
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