Insulate Your Garage: Why You Should Consider It

, Ohio
July 10, 2014 9:31am CST
In some areas of the country, people work in their garage daily using heat. In cold climates, where the temperature gets below 0 degrees, and the amount of time that they actually do spend in the garage working may be a reason why you might consider adding insulation to your garage. The major factor to consider is the time that you actually spend in the garage working, or doing crafts, or hobbies, compared to the actual cost that it takes to insulate it and if the garage has heat or not are all to be considered before you actually decide to insulate your garage to conserve energy. An example of someone that would not need insulation in their garage would be someone that only uses it for storage, or for their car, and may not be in it that often. In some cases, however, there are people in areas where it gets cold and they actually work, or have an office set up in their garage. Using the garage as a work place or office would be a major factor to consider insulation. These garages are usually equipped with heating and electricity in order for these people to work, and in some cases earn their living. For these kind of situations the cost to the heating would raise the electric bill and heating bill very high. This is a reason to insulate the garage in order to save money on increased heating bills. Insulating the garage would decrease the energy costs for heating and keep the garage comfortable to work in. The true reason that you would even consider insulating your garage would be the amount of time that you are actually in the garage, and if heating is necessary due to the climate that you are living in. If you are not using the garage for work or an office insulating it will not be cost effective enough to even reduce the energy bill, especially if the garage does not have heating. These factors should be the first thing to consider if you even want to think of adding spray foam insulation to your garage in Ohio. With the information outlined above, the best person to decide if insulating your garage would be you, and what you use it for.
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