The lack of bearing industry

Nanjing, China
July 10, 2014 8:36pm CST
Bearing industry in technological innovation in our country on one of the most eye-catching, an event is starting in March for about half a year, triggered by the auto industry of independent development of reflection and discussion. , in the end, discuss the reason caused wide public concern, the fundamental reason lies in the automobile industry in our country still in the production of "sit four at three" behind the seemingly strong, does not actually own the core technology, and embarrassing not only auto industry.The lack of bearing industry Does not have its own core technology, in the bearing industry in our country is a common phenomenon; And the lack of core technology and often left us in a passive situation in the international competition. As a result, people can not help but ask: the country's industrial technology innovation make the so many years, when to break through the no core technology. Have expert analysis, the lack of core technology is the most important reason is that our country enterprise technological innovation ability needs to be improved. At present, the restriction of enterprise technology innovation main four reasons: Mechanism problem. Enterprise has not formed and improve the effective mechanism of technological innovation and performance in applied scientific research institutions and design units start is relatively slow, the conversion of scientific and technological achievements of the supply and the demand of enterprise technology innovation cannot create the best combination; Enterprise management system is not well meet the needs of the technological innovation; The patent protection of technology innovation mechanism and interest mechanism is not sound or not implement, etc.The lack of bearing industry Money problems. For many large state-owned enterprises, has long been used to the country for money technical renovation, the relevant state departments are still used to take on technology innovation plan management, but the technology innovation investment planning system and market system. The financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, its own is not sufficient, financing difficulties, make them want to make technological innovation is the heart is unable to do.The lack of bearing industry Technical problems. Scientific research institutes to study irrelevant to the actual needs of the businesses. According to the statistics, some developed countries of scientific and technological achievements conversion rate is as high as 50%, while only 6% ~ 6% in our country. Dynamic problems. On the one hand, many large and medium-sized enterprises through the introduction of foreign technology, make the products have high market share and formed a certain degree of monopoly, even if you don't grasp the core technology, still can obtain higher interest, lead to enterprise decision makers are reluctant to spend more energy to technical innovation; The lack of bearing industryOn the other hand, compared with the imported technology, technology of independent development, also caused the enterprise decision makers to technical innovation power shortage.The lack of bearing industry
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