Curing the thick yellow ugly nail

July 14, 2014 8:00am CST
We have completely forgotten what a disciplined life is supposed to be like. We are in a continuous struggle fighting to get out time for leisure form our busy work schedules. We have to choose between sleeping the extra minute or brushing our teeth properly every day. Taking a bath involves going in getting wet and back to dry again while changing clothes. This isn’t hygiene we are never completely clean. We give the same priority to legs as animals do to cleaning their body. Men specially don’t consider that legs and feet need any extra attention than they rest of their body. We clean our face and our hands to make sure we look good. We all forget that legs are the ones which remain closest to the ground and will probably need more care as they get dirty more frequently. We all were shoes to our work and our feet are supposed to remain isolated for the rest of the day. Nail Fungus Cure Some may consider that this may actually help their feet to remain clean and clear for the day. But the truth is your feet is being suffocated by the use of shoes and socks and a lot of germs develop in your socks due to precipitation which isn’t addressed by sunlight or air. This is why you can observe a foul smell from your socks if you wear your socks for too long. This can soon turn into a disease if left unaddressed. Many fungi that do not require sunlight to survive can develop on your nails and feed on them. They can make them look really ugly and rotten. The thickness of your nail increases due to fungal infection and it gets deformed as well. To get tips about nail fungus infection
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