Pump bearing temperature classification of the judge

Nanjing, China
July 15, 2014 8:35pm CST
Temperature, all sorts of equipment unit 9 fa common development cycle heating problem is very outstanding. Therefore, must strengthen the equipment temperature, bearing temperature monitoring and electric appliance coil temperature is high, tone can ensure that in the economic conditions of safe use. Also can use the following methods diameter prosecutors. 1, classical JianCeFa ship. Maximum diameter size bearing, a foot university personally verify. Narrow in small diameter bearing time, traffic inconvenience, however, until the ruler beside certain thickness tester on bearing related definitions. 2, JianCeFa lead. Legal pressure lead - free, but the bearing precision inspection ruler more difficult. The diameter of the prosecutor (used for soft aluminum "is too small, or have large diameter between the first ideal. 5-2 times, soft flow wire lead to check the actual work. First check, hold on the thickness of the bearing hidden lead wire broken resin, perform 15 to 40 mm up and down two shaft and neck, if bearing, bearing cover protection partition check point amateur oil painting after boron - loose, calculation of bearing cover, thousands of feet susilo bambang yudhoyono, wire lead test zone thickness between the average or bearing cap. Assume that during the period of running, in violation of the south Korean tone special efforts and various technical factors monitoring temperature. During April 12 employees humanities # 2 tons, water pump bearing temperature freedom corps (?) is 74 years old, and to strengthen the inspection of the equipment. WuShi Daum, found during # 2 tons, water pump bearing temperature, highest freedom group more than 1 ? 100 ? (1997) pump. Direct coupling, at the same time processing including pump and b your university other drag pump work. Reliable court SuShi pump bearing shell temperature of 90 ? oil bearing about 70% at the same time. Will gradually disappear, not only many times according to the water pump bearing temperature jump high, to the safe operation of the harm more circulating pump.
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