What are safety shoes?

Los Angeles, California
July 16, 2014 2:18am CST
Regulations outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) protect worker health and personal safety. OSHA defines and describes safety shoes in their regulations, which appear in the publication "Personal Protective Equipment." Foot protection is an important component of workplace personal protective clothing. Protective footwear must be worn whenever foot injury from falling objects, vehicles, movable materials, and electricity can occur. OSHA safety footwear regulations exist for general, construction, shipyard, marine, and long-shoring industries. OSHA has specific requirements for safety boots. The following are some requirements that are compliant with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards for footwear. Identification: According to OSHA, high quality working shoes have heat-resistant soles and impact-resistant toes. Some safety shoes have metal insoles, while others protect workers from different types of electrical hazards. Some safety shoes guard against electrical hazards. OSHA provides further definition of a safety shoe for employees who work in places such as explosives manufacturing facilities or grain elevators. Buy cheap safety shoes Europe for these individuals must be electrically conductive to resist the hazards of static electricity. Foundry shoes protect the foot from molten metal. Foundry shoes are safety shoes that insulate the foot against the intense heat of molten metal and prevent hot metal from penetrating other shoe parts, such as the shoe eyelets or tongue. OSHA defines the foundry shoe as a snug-fitting leather or leather substitute shoe with built-in safety toes, rubber heels, and either leather or rubber soles. OSHA classes safety shoes as personal protective equipment (PPE), along with items such as wholesale working gloves Europe, goggles and earplugs. The agency sets PPE requirements for construction, general industry and firefighting.
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