PE film recycling issue

Dallas, Texas
July 16, 2014 3:46am CST
Dusseldorf, Germany - all easy to move ... engine in China if they are, then the classification of post-consumer material is lightweight, low-density polyethylene film. According to Chris Liu recycling and recovery French Veolia Environmental Services, Propete that the European recovery "not cheap." He explained that "Europe needs to develop automated washing and drying techniques, but this will not be easy." "It seems that the current level of LDPE film is difficult to clean and mechanical drying, although people in finding solutions to this problem, but more difficult to succeed. He explained, "However, the current level of quality is not high enough, no one wants a warehouse filled with recyclable materials inside and not to sell." This is not only as a problem - even if other materials of low density polyethylene, polypropylene, such as recycled PET may be a problem, to find a buyer if the quality is not high, in Europe nobody wants to deal with recycled plastic. The main problem facing - some plastic recycling in Europe is limited by the state, even including both construction and automotive industries. And there is no indication that these industries will improve in the near future, and even some suppliers will find it difficult to improve. However, according to Liu said, there are also some good news. Buyers and sellers of recyclable plastics operations are considering how to make the market better. Liu added, "But we do not really know what the market will change in 12 months time. Contrast with the situation in China's" green fence "will be the converter." China due to changes in local legislation no longer buy recycled materials, but in Europe on the basis of the plant and is not ready to deal with the waste, after all, had previously been exported to the Far East. Liu believes that with the mandatory recycling levels to solve Europe's recovery is "unrealistic."
DEWATER New Way of Drying washed Plastic film flake Traditional way of plastic film flake drying is heating with hot air, it needs a lot of energy which makes the recycling cost very expensive. GREENMAX Poseidon Compactor provides a better way to dry the P
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