Argument 1

Wuhan, China
July 22, 2014 11:03am CST
This argument claims that the Palean baskets which were thought to be made by the Palean people previously were not uniquely Palean.The evidence is that archaeologists discovered a "Palean"basket in Lithos, an acient village across the Brim River from Palea. And the author assums that the river is deep and broad enough that the acient Paleans couldn't crosse it to go to Lithos.Close scrutiny of this evidence reveals that it lends little credible support for the author's assertion. First of all, though there is a river lying between the Palea and Litho at present, it is completely possible that the two villages mentioned above were one place in the age of Palean lives.So they can wondered between the two villeges and the basket discovered in the Litho was them's. Second, the author deems that the Palean couldn't cross the river to the other side of the river when no boats have been found yet. We should know, however, that maybe some Palean were good at swimming that they swam to the opposite villege. In that case, the basket discovered belonged to them. Even if the Palean couldn't go the other side of the river in the flesh, it is still likely that the basket floated to the opposite side of the river itself, which certainly explain the paradox that the basket appeared in the Lioth. Taking all the possibe reasons into consideration, we can see that the author's claim is not accurate enough and his/her conclusion need midifying.
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