The importance of iPhone Soft Gel Case

Los Angeles, California
July 23, 2014 3:22am CST
When it comes to touch screens today, it seems even more important to use a case. Smartphones are rather expensive devices, and they’re also coming in bigger and thinner designs. Many of them seem to have optimum design for easy breakage. Some have glass on both sides, some are just too big to comfortably hold in one hand, and some might look great, but don’t have a great grip. There’s also that one design flaw that can’t be avoided, but it isn’t with smartphones - it’s the fact that we’re human, and mistakes just happen. One minute you’re holding your phone, and the next it’s on the floor, face down. This is the point where I dread flipping the phone over and looking at the other side. It’s the moment of truth for whatever China iPhone Soft Gel Case happens to be on my phone. Did it work, or didn’t it? Look, no matter how careful you are, gravity is just stronger than you. You'll probably drop your phone at least once or twice in the years that you own it. How much protection you need, though, depends on your phone: lots of Android phones are built a bit tougher, and are more likely to survive the occasional drop (I'm speaking from lots of experience here). The iPhone 5 or 5S, on the other hand, while blessed with gorgeous looks, are a lot more likely to break when you drop them, so the argument for using a case becomes much stronger. It's also worth mentioning that even cheap cases buying from China iPhone Hard Case manufacturer can give you drop protection by preventing you from dropping the phone in the first place. A lot of phones have particularly slippery backs, and a good case can add a bit of grip to keep it from sliding out of your hand and onto the concrete. It still isn't as good as getting a quality case, but it's better than going naked. Samsung Case manufacture
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