Bearing troubleshooting methods

Nanjing, China
July 24, 2014 8:32pm CST
Ball failure during operation, so are often the things. Garbage disposal, judgment is the key. Today we have a class, bearing fault elimination method. 1. Bulb temperature is too large. This mechanism, startup set temperature, high bearing parts to touch, don't feel normal when organs, otherwise the heat showed that bearing temperature is too high. Temperature sensor as explanation does not conform to or metamorphism, lubricating oil viscosity oil change; The assemble too tight (seam); Inadequate; Bearing shaft bearing assembly is too tight or shell car to achieve freedom, back; Bearing; Overload to maintain team and strengthen fernandez and so on. 2. The ball noise Roller shaft allows unit start-up sound a bit big screen excessive or abnormal failure of bearing noise and impact. Rolling bearing noise causes complex, cooperate with other bearing outer ring surface rupture. It's a little bit wear and damage of bearing and shaft and bearing cheap, than it's exact location, high speed shaft movement. Bearing fatigue spalling, increase the metal surface and bearing radial cracks are different. In addition, according to the bearing lubrication form small bearing friction and the broken sound. Bearing wear loose spacious car, later will also remain volatile bearing special impact damage. Rolling bearing can be broken down check the judge bearing fault bearing damage and damage. 1. Peel the oyster and the decline of the metal surface. Outer ring rolling axis, and I also carved all random fluctuating cycle change role. Contact stress. After the project indicators, stress cycles or ms fernandez and outer ring and the cleanup fatigue, fell down. If this causes overload fatigue bearing heating up. On the other hand, the optimization of bearing bending, deny, congratulations also shell oyster phenomenon. The ball from India to reduce fatigue spalling, running accurately predicting shaft mechanism and audio concussion. 2. Iron bead Video clips he is said to restudy bearing rolling body color. Usually cause burns, because of the lack of base oil grease is not in conformity with the quality or metamorphism, bearing assembly is too tight." 3. The deformation range Roller and bearing steel contact surface has sunken hole imbalances explain the plastic deformation of bearings. He is a "big government policy, the impact of the accident or accidental bearing working surface, only the material yield strength. Small rotating bearing often happens. 4. Bearing shaft crack in the bird's nest Bearing shaft fracture interpretation for foreign or bearing bearing breath tight bearing installed on the part of the surface treatment, such as poor bearing unit integrated transformation. 5. Can break the maintenance team The reason is that the lack of product ZuoQuan fernandez, broken. 6. Maintaining huge metal. Why can support fernandez, a credit card or university insufficient lubrication. 7. Wheels left oysters also badly torn. Right to left foreign body or lack of oil oil "said doesn't fit.
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