Interactive whiteboards – a mark of the new era

Fuzhou, China
July 24, 2014 9:57pm CST
Chalkboards are ancient history. Even the traditional whiteboard is becoming a thing of the past making way for the one of the most popular gadgets on the technology scene today: the interactive whiteboard. Interactive whiteboards connect to a computer allowing the user to project images onto the board as if it were a giant computer screen. Users can annotate over images, PowerPoint presentations and video projected on to the board. Depending on the type of interactive display whiteboard, annotations can be made with the user’s finger, a special pen or both. Users can also move images around the screen much as they would with a traditional computer mouse. Interactive white board is a large interactive screen which is connected to a computer and projector. On this interactive screen, desktop of the connected computer is projected with the help of projector and the user controls the computer. The uses of interactive white boards or interactive screens have sharply increased in classroom education and in corporate trainings. With the help of interactive screen, you can run software based programs loaded on connected computer. You can capture and save the notes written on the interactive white boards directly to the connected computer. You can also control the connected computer from the interactive screen. Interactive white boards helps in participation of members in a group discussion. We can click, drag and can also copy the items which can be used later with the handwritten notes. Notes made on the screen can be turned into text, saved and shared via emails or drive. This feature makes infrared interactive whiteboards effective during brainstorming exercise. Interactive screens can become powerful tool in the classroom or during corporate trainings. They add media content to the lectures and support collaborative learning. They can elaborate range of learning and explore opportunities when used to their full potential. An interactive whiteboard will prove to be cost effective. This technology helps learning stimuli for a whole classroom via one computer that can provide more cost effective training than acquiring an entire IT room, or a laptop with every student. INTECH:
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