Charlotte, North Carolina
July 25, 2014 12:37pm CST
There are not real barriers to your sucess . You must simply overcome any doubts you have your ability . Your self image prescribles the limits for your accomplishements . It presribles the area of what possible for you . Don't be afraid of living . Beleive that life is worth libing and you will create that fact around you . Of you see yourself as prosperous , you will be . If you see yourself as broke , that is exaclty what you will be . You will never succeed until you believe in your own mind that you can suceed . You can be who you want to be .
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• Richmond, Virginia
26 Jul 14
This seems like blind optimism. Determination helps, sure, but to say those who don't succeed are simply not trying hard enough is to blatantly deny the reality that is our capitalistic system and the significant barriers that presents. A system that can create the insurmountable wealth of the few also implies the creation of the poor. Tis simple really.
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• Charlotte, North Carolina
26 Jul 14
Thanks Katherine