Sometimes People Get Into a Bind

United States
July 25, 2014 7:28pm CST
So I moved to Washington state....the job that was supposed to go with me decided they dont like transferring people so lets fire him first chance we get! Came up here anyway. Man finding jobs has gotten a lot more difficult in the last few years. Have had a couple of good interviews that didn't end up panning out. I interview well mind you...but its a no go so far. Maybe its because I have an out of state phone number or ID or something...dont know. Im sure I'll find something though Right now I'm just trying to find ways to get my stuff out of storage back in Colorado and up here so I dont lose it. I'm trying a GoFundMe campaign and so far...not bad. I figured Id post my link everywhere I can and see what happens. If anyone is able to spare a few here and there every little bit helps. I hate asking but desperate times call for desperate measures. Thanks in advance for any help I do get. So is Mylot still running on a pay per post program or has something changed since Ive been gone? I'm kinda getting back into that here and there. working with Swagbucks. I like it so far. Certainly has more to do than other things Ive done. For people still in the know, what are some good sites like Helium used to be that pays you based on your posting activity and page view type stuff. I'm blogging on blogger but that's about it and with what I'm blogging about and the noisy surroundings I currently have is really hard to do cause I actually have to hear what I'm reviewing and I have a roommate that's not getting the hint, even though Ive directly told him to shut up while I'm watching the things I'm reviewing. Let me know on both counts. my SB link is if anyone is interested and wants to check it out. Im pretty sure its been around for a while but
I moved to WA with the thought that I was going to be able to find work within 2 weeks of me getting here.  Sadly...this has not happend and now Im seriously behind in everything and am in danger of losing my belongings which are currently in storage. The
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