Abandon your crappy build-in control software, get one universal remote control on your phone.

Fremont, California
July 29, 2014 10:48pm CST
today, I’ve tested a universal remote control APP on I9500, found that my Midea Fan was controlled by it, it’s awesome. There are hundreds of electrical appliances brands (almost all brands) in app. Please remember set device setting after installed. Now S4/N8000/ N8010/GT-N5100/GT-N5110/ HTC New One can use this app directly. DIY function is not supported at present, but we can only download various remotes from their app database. Try it; I’m sure it is working. Zazaremote can maximum load 276 remotes control simultaneously, 12,000 buttons and multiple skin sets. It can control all infrared device in 35~45 KHz, and presets 600 remote controls. Tiqiaa cloud provides a platform for users to share and communicate zazaremote. Users can DIY remote control and deploy the layout as their wish, free upload to Tiqiaa cloud, and then ask the relatives and friends to download it. Downloaded users can give flowers or hit a rotten egg. Zazaremote can control all Infrared appliances, which is its unique feature.
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