Two main types of network fiber optic cable

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July 31, 2014 11:08pm CST
With high quality raw materials, advanced manufacturing equipment adopted and our highly skilled workers, we ensure every piece of our products is of excellent quality and looking, and we ensure the fastest delivery. Fiber optic manufacture in China mainly have two Network fiber cable. One is the Single Mode Fiber (SMF): This kind of fiber possesses its unique feature.For instance, it has a core size of between 8-10 microns (µm).And its SMF supports distances up to several thousand kilometers.Moreover, with appropriate amplification and dispersion compensation. But needs more expensive, coherent laser light sources. Typically in the 1270nm – 1625nm range. “Classic” Single-Mode fiber is frequently called SMF-28.However, a wide variety of specialty fibers have been developed as well. Low Water Peak Fiber (LWPF), Dispersion Shifted Fiber (DSF), Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber (NZDSF), etc. Another type is the Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF): fiber optic cable supplier It has the difference in the essence of the former mentioned one.It Has the advantage of two common core sizes (62.5µm OM1, or 50µm OM2). Designed for use with “cheaper” optics. The wide core let's you use incoherent LED light sources. Or cheaper, less precisely aimed lasers. Typically works at 850nm or 1310nm. Modal distortion significantly limits the maximum distance. Typically limited to between “tens to hundreds of meters ”. Recently augmented with “laser optimized” (OM3) MMF. Uses aqua colored cables, rather than the traditional orange. Designed to achieve 10Gbps at 300 meters with VCSEL lasers. high quality fiber optic equipment The difference between the two kinds of fiber is primarily in the size of the core. Multi-mode fiber has a wide core, allowing multiple modes of light to propagate. Single-mode fiber has a narrow core, permitting only a single mode of light to propagate.
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