In today's world are we girls safe?

Rajkot, India
August 1, 2014 9:49am CST
Hello friends, dont you all know what's going on in today's world. We girls are really not safe.The monsters which are roaming like anything to eat us.We all girls need to be wake up.Please girls if anybody ask you for friendship, don't blindly accept it.Firstly , please try to know the boy's background.If you think that he is proper then only proceed.If any boy tries to impress you then don't get into his talks. Girls we need to be safe and stay awake.It's time to teach lesson to this whole world.Here not only boys but other people who still has likes and dislikes regarding girl and boy.So oppose such people and proceed further dominantly.Then this question will not arise whether we girls are safe in today's world or not?
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