seven Ways To Unlock The Power Of Your Interactive Whiteboard

Fuzhou, China
August 6, 2014 2:17am CST
Interactive whiteboards are a great classroom tool. Many teachers use them to project and capture images – basically as a high tech, connected chalkboard. While definitely useful in these ways, the handy infographic below describes using your interactive white board that way as letting it go ‘underused’. So how do you ensure that this great piece of classroom technology isn’t underused? The graphic below outlines seven different ways to ‘exploit the pedagogical potential’ of this tool. Oh how can your interactive whiteboard make your classroom more interesting? Let me count the ways… 1. Promote collaboration: Brainstorm ideas, and show collaborative writing, track changes, etc. 2. Share student-generated content: Combine pupil generated quizzes with the use of learner response systems during your lessons. 3. Accompanying software: Think of the board as a giant, touch sensitive computer. It can do more than what the basic accompanying software offers. 4. Bring the outside in: Bring rich, real-world content into your classroom 5. Combine with web apps: The board can be a powerful tool for collaboration when you use it with other apps ( 6. Don’t use it all the time: If you want the students to work collaboratively or sit in a circle, don’t turn it on. It isn’t the perfect tool for everything. 7. Let the students use it: find meaningful opportunities to let the students interact with it.
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