Tips to become good person

Rajkot, India
August 6, 2014 4:02am CST
Firstly, for being good person our heart needs to be pure. 1. Love your parents truly and serve them. 2. Love your wife and simblings , give them your 100% love. 3. Serve your grandparents by heart. 4. Whenever you deal business with someone have true intentions without faulty intentions. 5. Be polite with everyone. 6. Serve your love , help and warmth to needy and poor people. 7. Always do your work sincerely and by giving 100% hardwork. 8. Never speak or do such things which hurts anybody's heart. 9. Never loose your temper. 10. Deals things with confidence and enthusiastically. So, if u follow this tips you can definitely become good person
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