Learn to Shape Your Bonsai the Right Way

Coimbatore, India
August 7, 2014 11:59pm CST
A common error about Bonsai trees is that folks always believed that it's genetically short plants. Bonsai trees are just ordinary trees, however, they're kept in particular size using sophisticated methods. Now we'll be going over some of the fundamental techniques for shaping and styling your bonsai trees. Bonsai Styling Techniques Wiring One of the most typical and widely used techniques to shape and style a bonsai is called wiring. When the Bonsai tree is still youthful, the branches are bent to form an ordinary tree or plant, merely to form its base. However, when the tree begins to grow, you may now follow the proper wiring to realize its shape. When wiring we try to follow a procedure rather than simply bend random branches. First you have to determine which form you need and then you should move systematically through the branches bending them in order. Why can we have to do the Wiring? Wiring your bonsai is significant as it helps keep your plant in its desired shape without letting it overgrow. Remember that Bonsai trees are not genetically small plants that is why we must train the branches to grow bending down to create the delusion of dwarf trees. Wire is really one of those significant tools that the bonsai enthusiast cannot live without and is a skill everyone should learn. Pruning Pruning is a practice of removing some parts of a plant like buds, roots or branches to form the required contour. Several reason why Bonsai enthusiasts do the pruning is the removal of deadwoods, keeping the plant healthy, shaping it, decreasing the risk of falling leaves and branches and much more. The way to Prune the Bonsai trees? As noted above pruning is essential to keep the shape and style of your bonsai. Pruning is a straightforward as can be, whatever you need are some bonsai shears to cut the leaves and branches down to your own desired style. Do not hesitate to prune your trees; it is essential for trees to be pruned so that it is going to be forced to grow branches and to disperse it evenly to create the desired contour. Some quick guidelines on Pruning: -- When two branches are growing out of your style just prune one of them and keep the other. -- Always prune the branches which are growing straight up as they can be too difficult to bend. -- Prune branches that are irregular (with turns and twists). -- Prune the branches that hides the trunks. -- Make sure to prune the irregular branches that grow on the top of the tree as these seem very strange. You also need to get a seal for the cuts made on the tree from your local nursery. The seal will help your tree heal faster and protect it from diseases. If you would like to learn how to start a bonsai please visit learn to easily grow a bonsai or how to grow a bonsai plant.
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