Tips for Webmasters to Initiate Optimization
Miami, Florida
August 13, 2014 12:54am CST
If you are a business holder in the digital platform, then you are definitely looking for a better ranking as compared to your competitors and a growth of your business exponentially. But in this world of commercialization what most organizations do not follow is to keep user satisfaction as the first goal. And to keep that in check, as we are all aware, Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. came up with various algorithms which determines how engaging and useful a website is for a user. And based on that a website gets ranked in the Search Results. So here is a question, is your website SEO friendly? To overcome the many hurdles a website needs to be optimized as per the search engines. But there are so many SEO companies around so its understandable if you are indecisive towards hiring one. While you are searching for a good company, you can help your website yourself by adopting some basic guidelines. They are: Keywords: Before making any changes monitor your rank in search results as well as the page rank. And then you need to determine your identity online – the 'Keywords'. It is important to do so because most of your prospective customers will be searching with the name of the product or service you provide. The recommended ones would be product specific keywords. On-page: The keywords mostly are the search terms and its important to carefully use them in titles, content, image names, URLs in your website. Each page's title tag and the page header along with the meta description are the most important aspects to rank in the search results. In other words every web page should have a title and a short description. Internal Linking: Get your website pages linked to each other in case of relevant categories, services, products and terms. You should also get your designer design an engaging and responsive page with proper navigation to make browsing your website simple for your customers. Site-Map: Its the best way to let search engines know about the number of pages you have that you want to be indexed. Over here, you list all the pages and link them with their respective URLs making it easier for the search engine bots to search your site. Content: Google recently explained content as the King of SEO. Reason – It is the part where users expect to get information about your website's product and services. Only if that serves the purpose then the user shows interests for other activities like sales or subscriptions. And using a fake or a duplicate content is a huge 'no' if you wish to go any closer to that purpose. Socialize: Social Media Optimization is also important and easy. In order to have more clients, we need to reach out to the people to make ourselves know. Plus it helps to let the crowd know that your business is transparent enough to socialize and not just focuses on sales. This in return strengthens the trust of your customers. There are many other activities that are required to be done to make a website rank in the SERPs but the above will help you start the optimization process and would also give a boost to your business along with creating a brand recognition. So are you ready to help your own website. For more information about SEO, please visit”>SEO</a>
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