Protect us prevent from the pollution of textile pollution

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
August 13, 2014 4:37am CST
With the rapid development of China's textile industry, some regional textile wastewater emissions and pollution levels have increased significantly. Traditional textile production not only brings environmental pollution, harmful chemicals which are more likely to cause damage to the human body. Hand knitting yarn Depending on statistics, China's textile enterprises in environmental protection certificate holders enterprises accounted for 21% of the world, is the world's largest holder of the country. The importance of environmental protection, ecological importance today, the whole world to explore and apply various means. All materials which, naturally colored cotton is the most appropriate ecological textile raw materials, closely monitor each of the world's cotton-producing countries. China Colored Cotton Group's production accounts for 95% of the country, accounting for 60 percent of world production. "have surpassed the United States. knitting wool yarn Eco-fashion "sense of the whole society to instill the idea that the concept of environmental protection, promote energy conservation, environmental protection and production patterns from the source of the fashion industry, to consumers, especially infants and young children to provide" safe, comfortable "wearing clothing. Experts appeal to everyone, as the textile industry should take action. "to clean the environment, but also clothing to health. Hand knitting yarn
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