Finger touch interactive whiteboards create more fun

Fuzhou, China
August 13, 2014 9:49pm CST
Interactive whiteboards are being used in many fields for the presentation. Watching something on big screen what if we can work with whiteboard just like a tablet? That means we can operate it with our fingers, and by some stick or even by any roll paper on any ceramic surface. Now it is possible with new portable finger touch optical interactive whiteboard. It is a device which detects any non-transparent object, and this non transparent object work like any touching device. It can be your finger or some roll paper or any stick. It can work with any projector or LCD screen and turn the projector screen or LCD screen into finger touchable. It has no limit on the material and no limit on active size. It can work with common board and save the record of both mark pen and finger writing. It can work as slide finger. It will also helpful for schools presentation. Students absorb concepts better when they can hear, see and touch them. Eliminate distractions and dive right into their lessons with the touchable interactive whiteboard. Students/audience members can approach the whiteboard and add their contribution to the discussion by writing directly on the whiteboard. The finger touch whiteboards are ideal for primary schools where young children can move their finger across the infrared interactive whiteboard for full interactivity. Secondary schools, where pupils are used to using pens, may choose an electromagnetic whiteboard which uses special pens. Some manufacturers produce both pen and finger touch boards which mean if a school campus has both types of whiteboards on-site, pupils and teachers only have to learn one set of software. Corporate and training organizations can choose the best type of digital Interactive Display whiteboard to suit their own needs. For instance, in medical environments, touch screen may be favored for dragging across photos, medical diagrams and slide images, all with the touch a finger. We can use finger or any non-transparent object to easily navigate through activities, websites, and multimedia content that connects with today’s digital learners. Children will learn easily with more fun. More:
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