How does differentiate between LED spotlights and LED Down lights?(1)

@ruixue92 (278)
Shanghai, China
August 14, 2014 3:36am CST
Many people think LED spotlights and LED down lights are used for household lighting should belong to the same type of product. It is not. We can be distinguished from both the position and the application results in the application. LED lights supplier china One, from product performance of the above distinction: 1, LED down light is embedded into the ceiling by a light beam lighting. Belong directional lighting, only its opposite to the light, its advantage is the case that more than ordinary lighting fixtures condenser, typically used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. With the continuous development of LED technology, the current universal service life of LED down lights little more than 50,000. good quality led lights 2,LED spotlights are generally embedded into the ceiling or the wall, is a highly concentrating lighting products, usually its light exposure to the specified destination. By the light used to emphasize important place. Because LED spotlights at work will produce a higher temperature, so when buying LED spotlights must choose high-quality products, or will cause significant safety hazard. At present, LED spotlight is mainly utilized for all kinds of commercial space lighting and architectural lighting. Meanwhile, spotlights are also divided into two kinds of low-voltage and high-voltage, low-voltage spotlights advised consumers to choose the best, because of the relatively low voltage spotlights long life, high luminous efficiency. Generally light efficiency spotlights the power factor to be, good spotlights the power factor up to 0.99, but the price is a lot more expensive. cheap led tube lights
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