Multiple Reasons Why to Use Asus EEE PC 1215 Adapter

@Jinart (124)
Dallas, Texas
August 15, 2014 4:19am CST
As per studies conducted by different sources, the on-package graphics die feature of Asus EEE PC 1215 battery makes this battery to consume less power. Lower power consumption rate of this battery increases the efficiency of the battery and enhances the life. Features and specification * Cell type The battery is made of 6 high quality lithium ion cells. * Compatible brand and models Asus EEE PC 1215 battery is compatible with different series of Asus PCs. It can be used with 1015, 1015PE, 1015P and 1016 series PCs along with 1215 model of the brand. * Capacity, capacity range and voltage specification The capacity of this battery is 4400 mAH and it can show variable capacity within a range of 0 to 5000 mAH. For delivering such a high capacity the battery utilizes voltage only voltage of 10.80 volts. * Weight and dimension Asus EEE PC 1215 adapter weighs only 0.298 grams. The dimension of this battery makes it simple to fit to the PC models aforementioned. The battery is 20.2 cm in length, 4.9 cm in breadth and 2.4 cm in height. * Color of the battery The battery generally available in the market is of black color. You can search for a white color battery in various shopping platforms online. Advantages of battery for Asus EEE PC 1215 * Great battery life and options you have to increase the battery life Generally batteries made of lithium ion cells are of long life. You can further increase the life of the battery by taking precautionary measures. * Compatibility with an array of models * This battery comes with a warranty period of 1 year. Cons Amazing features of this battery for Asus EEE PC 1215 has increased the demand of this battery to a great extent. High demand of this battery has put a great impact on the availability of the battery. You may have to wait for long to avail this battery. You have options to further increase the life span of Asus EEE PC 1215 charger 1. Don’t wait for the battery to discharge completely rather charge it when it drops down to 5 percent and above. 2. When not in use keep your battery in a cool place. 3. When you use your PC for a long time, you should keep your PC in a standby mode to save power and increase battery life. Conclusion Asus EEE PC 1215 Battery can work as an alternative battery for your PC when your original battery ceases to function. Long life, compatibility, and low power consumption rate of this battery has more features in its pack that can only be experienced with use.   For more information about Asus charger,please go to
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