Know how Offset Printing is different from Digital Printing

August 19, 2014 4:26am CST
Design is a full of complex industry, and just as high-quality design starts about the steps before pen actually strikes paper neither does it end, when the last digital verifications are approved and delivered. The actual conclusion of the plan must be taken care of with considerable thought and care as well, if you are interested in the highest effect from the design itself. Mechanical Process OFFSET: Offset lithography is the most normally trusted high volume business printing technology. In offset printing, the design representation is first burned onto a plate, and is then transferred from the shield to a rubber sheet, and lastly to the printing exterior. The lithographic process is depended on the repugnance of oil and water. The picture to be printed gets ink from ink rollers, while the non printing area illustrates a film of water, maintaining other than the printing areas ink-free. Digital: If you have a desktop printer at home, you are probably by now familiar with the mechanical process of digital printing. Benefits of Digital & Offset Methods Digital Benefits 1. Shorter turnaround 2. Affordable costs for very small print runs 3. Availability of variable data Offset Advantage 1. Upper image quality, higher oath and no stripe or spots. 2. Works on a broad range of printing surfaces that includes paper, wood, cloth, metal, leather, rough paper and plastic. 3. The unit cost goes behind as the amount goes up. 4. A lot of modern offset presses use computer-to- further increasing quality. How to decide? Use this checklist to help decide: Quantity Offset printing has a front-end price weight, which means low quantities may have a higher cost per-unit. But as the amount increases, the unit cost goes less with offset printing. Very short runs can be more affordable price with digital printing; while mass volumes are likely to have a lower unit cost with offset printing. Printing Medium The choices are getting better for digital, but offset printing still provides the most elasticity. Color Digital presses utilize 4-colour process printing. If you need only black Graphic Chemical and Ink or one or two Graphic Chemical and ink colors, offset printing may be the best solution. Turnaround If you require it quick, digital usually presents fast delivery. Proofing Digital offers more correct evidences, since what you observe is a real sample of the printed piece, printed using the correct process as the aimed run. Customization With the simplicity of record driven variable data printing, digital printing offers the most affordable way to customize MARKETING substances, direct mail pieces, letters, etc. Summary 1. Get examples - Before starting your print project, request examples from your future print organizations. 2. Proof - If you are handling your own print project, and are working with a local organization, be sure to request a sample before authorizing the full run for printing. In the end, the best design cannot completely live up to its possible when run on a careless print job. If you are as careful and selective in selecting a print partner as you were in selecting a design firm, you can fix that the physical product that really reaches your partners or customers is of the best possible quality. Because all things considered, standard quality is specifically the message you want to bring.
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